“Ace” 1000 watt LED light – NEW PRODUCT

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    LedsUniverse LED Product Lines

    LED light 1000 watt “Focus”
    1000 watt led light, led lights 1000 watts, 1000 watt led replacement, 1000 watt led flood light, 1000 watt light fixture

    Our Focus 1000w flood light is equivalent to a 4000w Metal Halide, and ideal for high mast mounting (starting at 25 meters), with a light beam propelling ability 50% higher than most technologies in the market.

    1000 watt light fixture “Legion”

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    Our Legion flood light 1000 watt is outstandingly bright (150 lumen/W), and is modular, being comprised of individual rectangular blocks of 50w LEDs. It can withstand temperatures that range from -40 to 45 degrees C°.

    LED light 1000 watt “Sirius”

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    The Sirius LED 1000w light is a 3×3 combination of 110w chips, with top brightness (120 lm/W). The advantage of this fixture is that it is extremely lightweight. Replace your conventional lights without changing the poles.

    LED Flood Lights

    Flood Light Focus+ 240W-2

    Our high-power and high efficiency LED Flood lights can reach up to 4000W (equivalent to a 12KW Metal Halide), and are widely used to illuminate large areas, Stadiums, Airports, Harbors, etc.

    LED Street Lights

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    Our LED Street Lights have a very unique structure, specially designed to maintain extremely good uniformity and coverage, under a high-power scenario.

    LED Billboard Lights


    Our LED Billboard Lights have an upper-inclined structural design, created to guarantee the proper widespread illumination of an outdoor advertising

    LED Recession Lights

    Recession Light 100W, Downlight

    Our LED Recessed Light goes up to 100W, with the particularity that the entire power is concentrated in a single chip. A Recessed light is a fixture that is installed into a hollow opening in a ceiling.

    LED Wall Pack Lights

    LED Wall Pack 100W, 100 watt led wall pack

    Our LED Wall Pack light is a high-power, energy friendly and light weight fixture, which can be installed on walls.

    LED Customized Lights
    LED lights - custom lights

    In LedsUniverse we can modify or redesign a LED light fixture in order to suit a particular customer’s need. You can find some unique designs we manufactured in the past.

    LED Track Lights

    Track LED light 30W-11

    Our high-power LED Track light is particularly easy to install, move or adjust; it can be mounted to ceilings or walls, lengthwise down beams, or crosswise across rafters or joists.

    LED High Bay Lights

    High Bay light 100W

    Our LED High Bay light is a high-power and high efficiency fixture intended for installations applied on ceilings, and in which the beam of light needs to reflect downwards to the floor area.

    LED RGB Lights

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    Our RGB led high power Strip Lights are available in different extensions, have great luminous efficiency (60lm/W), and are very straightforward to install. Outdoor led wash lights are ideal to illuminate facades with multiple colors.