New projects

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New Projects

Tennis Court

Tennis Court Jakarta_LedsUniverse

1 – Flood Light Distribution on Pole:

In this project LedsUniverse installed 12 300W Flood lights Ace on 4 different poles, 3 per pole. Pole height was 11 meters. The angle degree was 25.


2 – How accurate optics influence lux on the ground:

While recreating the structure LedsUniverse considered always achieving maximum uniformity across the court. If you look at the ground lux in the next figure, you will see that the values inside the court are kept at least around 700 lux. Outside of the field lines then they can be lower, so spectators are not affected by too much brightness.


The fact that values are kept between 700 and 1100 within the field prove uniformity. And the drop of lux between the play ground and the outside can be achieved because in LedsUniverse we design carefully the light optics, which guarantees extreme ground focus and outstanding light travelling ability. The total lumen output of the Flood light is used very efficiently, as it will be precisely redirected to a specific location within the court. More light goes where it is needed and intended, less light is leaked and doesn’t get to undesired zones.

For this project, average lux was 713, while maximum was 1227. This are very good levels for professional practice already.