High Bay LED Lights

High Bay Light

LED lighting fixtures are uniquely designed to maximize the optics, heat management, and lifetimes of rigorously tested LEDs. As a result, high bay lighting applications are superior to traditional lighting sources such as metal halide, T5HO fluorescent, HID, Induction, and high pressure sodium fixtures in many areas.

Reasons why they are better:

  • Lumen per Watt: LED Technology has evolved a lot over the last couple of years, with the improvement in chips, heating sinks, junctions, conductivity issues, etc. and currently So, currently, it can deliver high efficacies or lumens per watt. A proof of that are our High bay LED lighting models. Some of them can deliver over 150 lumens per watt!
  • Energy Efficiency: LED high bay lights are more energy efficient. They use smaller watts of power than other lights and a savings up to 80% can be seen in electric bills.
  • Long Life Span and Easier Maintenance: They last for a longer time period and therefore need to be changed less often. Up to ten times the duration of other light bulbs. They are more durable and withstand the test of time. They are very resistant to damage and are basically maintenance free. They do not break easily if bumped or dropped.
  • Cool Lighting Source: They do not heat up when they are on, like other lights do. This can decrease the need for air conditioning by as much as 20%. Another way to save on the electric bill.
  • LED high bay lighting is flicker free. Less light distortion is noticed with LED lighting, as well as interference with camera shooting or anti-glare.
  • Light Uniformity is greatly improved when high bay LED lighting is used. As much as 8% better light distribution is reported.

Initially, the cost of using LED high bay lighting is higher, but the improvement in quality and the cost savings later on makes the lights worth it. In the end LED lighting is more environmentally friendly and provides higher light quality than other high bay lighting options.